It was the GPA’s responsibility, with financial help from the local government, to have ready in time for the games the required facilities to hold the pistol shooting events of the games. This was achieved with great success. Ever since then the GPA has been sending competitors outside Gibraltar to compete at the bi-annual International Island Games ( This participation has resulted in a wide variety of medal successes. Since we started to participate at these international games we have won:

- Gold, Silver and Bronze at ISSF 25m Centre Fire
- Gold and Bronze at ISSF 10m Air Pistol
- Silver at ISSF 25m Standard Pistol,
- Gold, Silver and Bronze at ISSF 25m Centre Fire
- Silver at IPSC Open Division
- Bronze at Sports Pistol (Women)
- Bronze at NPA Service Pistol B
- Bronze at Police Pistol 1
- Bronze at Police Pistol 2
- Bronze at PPC 1500

To name just a few!

We also have competitors regularly taking part at the Commonwealth Games. Added to that the GPA has successfully hosted the Mini-Commonwealth Pistol Shooting Competitions and Open competitions.

Local GPA Competitions

We annually organise our Pistol Shooting League Championship running from October to July. This league involves a wide variety of competitions. This involves the use of an array of different types of pistols. From Air Pistols, .22 and .32 Target pistols, to Full Bore pistols ranging in calibre from 9mm to 45 ACP. Typical Full Bore competitions are:

- Police Pistol One  
- PPC 480
- Service B
- Man v Man
- Practical Shooting


The GPA currently has approximately 120 Members. Recently we have experienced a marked increase in interest, especially in Full Bore shooting and our experienced Range Officers have been very busy carrying out all the varied safety and induction courses for the different disciplines. The range has never been so busy and we are seeing great potential in some of our recently joined younger shooters.

International Profile

The GPA is a member of the World Association 1500 PPC and we are currently provisional members of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) who are one of the worlds largest sports shooting bodies. We hope our IPSC membership is ratified in the upcoming IPSC General Assembly in Florida, late 2014.

The Big Move!

A new pistol shooting complex is currently under construction, financed by the Gibraltar Government. These new facilities will greatly enhance our current situation and offer new and exciting possibilities for our sport. Having a modern, purpose built range complex will be a great asset to all sports pistol shooters in Gibraltar, and a valuable addition to the Sporting Facilities in general on offer in Gibraltar.

About the GPA

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The Gibraltar Pistol Association (GPA) was created just before the start of the Gibraltar Hosted Island Games which were held between the 15th - 22nd July 1995 in Gibraltar, where 17 islands competed in a wide variety of sports including Pistol Shooting.

The origins of the GPA stem from the Rock Rifle and Pistol Club (RRPC) and all its founder members were once members the of RRPC. The GPA forms part of the Gibraltar Sports Shooting Federation, along with two other sport shooting associations, the Gibraltar Clay Pigeon Association and the Gibraltar Target Shooting Association.